Blufeld (Ten Questions with...) Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix


David Hearn aka Blufeld is a leading producer of Progressive Trance at its best. The guest has been associated with the legendary Bonzai label more than once, where he released his songs and albums. A very talented artist who breaks many barriers in trance music. David took the time to answer a few questions. I invite you to an interview conducted exclusively for Visions Of Trance.

1. What is trance music to you?

Trance Music is the blueprint to my life, it's a binding force from within that drives and motivates me to want to bring the deepest and most profound parts of my heart and imagination to the output of my sound!It really is like an oxygen that is essential to me. 

This genre knows no boundaries in tugging at peoples heartstings, and I want to have my part in this to leave my own humble legacy behind for others to enjoy and to inspire like I was.

2. How do you assess the current state of the trance scene?

It's an evolving sound I think, the roots of the genre will always be the biggest part of why it even featured in my life's path.

It's obviously taken a slightly different identity over recent years, but it's very much still alive with many talented producers bringing that emotive yet underground serious side of trance back to the fore within their sound, which is so exciting to feel.

3. What are your goals in producing trance music?

I simply strive to bring as much of my inner character out, whilst finding new and innovative ways to convey the messages I want to bring.

It's so important that I give the listener a way to elevate their heart and minds into a place where they feel both immersed & inspired with the sound I produce. 

4. Who was your inspiration to start producing trance music? 

I was inspired by so many different artists, as I'm sure a lot of producers are. I have a major lean towards the new romantic/80's vibe as this was drenched full of those mysterious and melodic synth vibes and inspiring drum rhythms and patterns. I was listening to all those early euro dance tracks, and also the classic trance tracks of the early 00's. So this shaped me also into wanting to produce. 

5. Which song are you most proud of and why?

I'm proud of all my work tbh, as its all born from me for one reason or another. Everything I do has a story or a reason for its existence.

6. Will your future releases be collaborations with other artists? Are you more into solo productions?

I'm currently working on my sixth studio album at this time, but on future works I will be looking to work with a new vocalist which is a big thing for me as I'm extremely fussy with this as the vocalist needs to have exactly the right tones for me, to bring out both the seriousness and emotional depth of what i'm trying to convey from my sound & atmospheres.

7. What inspires you to create trance music?

The love and passion of the genre is the driving force, as most will agree in life that if you are enriched with passion in your heart for something, it becomes a compulsory thing you NEED to do. 

8. What hardware and software do you use to create trance music? 

I use cubase to sequence and reason for instruments, as well as a few fav plug ins. I also love using the trustee Minilogue XD for those vibey retro electronic textures and the JU-06A boutique synth for the 80s feel. The access virus TI also is a given for big sounding classic pads etc.

I'm a believer that you can make so much vibe with simple approaches as these have such impact. Less is so much more, the trick is layering and fusions of sound. I say no more. 👍

9. How do you perceive the influence of social media on the career development of a trance artist?

There's no escaping that Social media has a big part to play in many aspects of the Producers career.

With so many positives to this as your avenues and ability to self promote as well as take charge of your own destiny is so much more within your grasp.

However it can have its drawbacks as if you are doing all of this promotional work yourself it can take away from the important part which is the quality of music. 

It's a fine balancing act and requires a lot of dedication, but it can bring so many rewards in the long run.

10. Finally, what would you like to say to your fans?

I just want to simply say a huge thank you as always to all that continue to believe in and follow my sound. It is incredibly appreciated.

More 'Spheres For Your Ears are coming your way!!!

Thanks very much Krzy Chu for asking me to participate in your Visions of Trance' group, and thanks to all who continue to support my style of music and sound. Its very much appreciated.


001 // Blufeld - We Do Not Rule The Stars - [Original Mix]

002 // Cristoph & ADZ ft. Luke Coulson - The Edge [Extended Mix]

003 // Gai Barone - Mr. Slade [Original Mix]

004 // Lunar Plane - Above [Original Mix]

005 // Stereo Underground - Between The Cracks [Original Mix]

006 // Stone Van Brooken - Millenium [Extended Mix]

007 // Bragken - Reactor [Original Mix]

008 // Blufeld - She's Cosmic [Original Mix]

009 // Estiva - Alone [Grum Remix]

010 // Marsh - All Night Long [Original Mix]


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